All purpose pure coconut oil      

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  -I just want you to know I love your product! It soothes my dry feet, stops itchiness and helps heal my cuts. My dogs even benefit as it works to get rid of hot spots! Thanks for keeping up the tradition and continuing to make this wonderful product!
Barbara Martocci, APR
TVA Communications,Knoxville TN

  -I have tried the White's new Copure coconut oil. I'm actually pleasantly surprised, it tasted better than expected. It can compete with many of the brands currently on the market. Apparently the White's are doing something right. I took a look at their website. It looks good and the oil is priced at about what I would expect for a small home-based operation. Selling coconut oil today is a tough and competitive operation. If the Whites can do it, the best to them.
Sincerely,Bruce Fife ( author,COCONUT CURES)

  -I am very pleasantly surprised to see a "pimple" of some sort that I have had for about 5 years seems to be diminishing in size! I did not expect this. As I was putting on my oil this morning, for the 4 day in a row, my fingers went over this "pimple" and I was sort of startled. Did it shrink? YES! I bet it will be gone in a couple more days. Just wanted to share. Thanks!
Fran C.

  -Several months ago I re-discovered Copure and came down to Newport to purchase three jars.Last night I stupidly grabbed the handle of a frying pan that had just come out of a 400 degree oven. If it hadn't been snowing, I would have gone directly to the ER, but I couldn't drive ( I have a stick). The pain was pretty bad. For hours,I kept ice on it. I took 4 Motrin. I couldn't take the ice off for a minute without extreme discomfort. I knew I was going to have to go to the hospital in the morning.Then I remembered a story Mr. Sorce told me about how he developed Copure to treat sunburns when he was on a naval ship in WWII. So I slathered my hand with Copure and reapplied the ice. An hour later, I removed the ice and reapplied the Copure.A half hour later I realized I had not reapplied the ice and my hand felt better. The areas that had started to blister didn't look quite as red. I fell asleep....and slept all night. I couldn't believe it! At 9pm I couldn't even expose my hand without ice and at 7am it looked almost normal. ALMOST NORMAL! With the exception of a few areas that took the brunt of the burn, my hand is fine. I'm typing. No ER. A few impending blisters but no big deal. I just did the dishes. I can't stop thinking that those suffering burns, in hospitals, should know about Copure. I'd like to get the word out. Please let me know.
Most sincerely,
Nila Asciolla